Twin Cities Pack, Inc.


How to assure a care free transaction

         Call 3-4 weeks in advance to schedule an appointment

         When scheduling more than one order at the same time, keep them separate. ( i.e. Group 1, Group 2, Group 3)

         If quantities change from time of scheduling an update is needed.

         Have an accurate, up to date count of your birds when dropping them off

         Do not feed birds 24 hours prior to processing, water is OK

         Birds to be delivered between 6:00 am 7:30 am in a stress free environment (do not overcrowd)

         Birds should not be transported in pet carriers, boxes or totes. This is not considered a stress free environment.

         Only borrow crates on the concrete slab next to the building.

         Pack birds loosely in crates to avoid DOA

         Next day pick up, preferably morning, as soon as you can return

         No shows will need a deposit for the next appointment [refer to cancellation/update policy]

         Any birds not picked up the next day will be charged a storage fee of $20 a day

We appreciate and value your business

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